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Once you have spent so much on a treadmill, and whether you packed it with features and add-ons or not, there is a huge list of available accessories you can buy to make your treadmill even shinier. But beyond all the bells and whistles that you may or may not want, there are a few to consider that will actually help the lifespan of your machine as well as the performance.

The first thing you may want to consider buying is a home repair kit for your treadmill. This will be handy for minor problems you may encounter with your new toy and will save you from having to spend the time and money visiting a repair shop.

The only limitation of a repair kit is that it is only good for minor problems. It is important that you take your machine in for a professional if it requires major work. But the upside is that most treadmills will come with adequate warranty to cover any mechanical or parts failure.

To keep the treadmill functioning at its best, you want to keep it as clean as possible especially in and around the moving parts. Keeping your treadmill properly cleaned will do wonders to avoiding certain problems.

A cleaning kit can be purchased and it usually will come with a set of tools as well as instructions on how to regularly perform some maintenance cleaning. The kit normally includes a cleaning brush, cleaning solution, and an application wand.

For motorized treadmills, as most are, lubrication is important to protect the motor and optimize its efficiency. A lubrication kit will help keep the machine operating properly. In fact, most motor problems arise from burning the motor because of a lack of proper lubrication.

One of the most important accessories that some would say is a must more than it is an option is a treadmill mat. The mat goes underneath your treadmill to protect junk such as motor lube from messing with your floor or carpet. The mat will also catch any unwanted loose carpet fibers and ground dust from going upward into your treadmill whenever it is in use.

On the flip side to the mat, you can also get a treadmill cover. It is similar to the covers for cars but for your treadmill. The cover will keep the dust and anything else from landing on and messing with the cleanliness of your treadmill from top to bottom.

In the end, there are all sorts of accessories you can buy for your treadmill if the funds allow for it, and you feel the use for them. But the ones mentioned above are very handy to have and probably worth your consideration.

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