Fitness Tips For Weight Loss

Easy Top 5 Tips For Weight Loss

Easy Top 5 Tips for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, many of us deviate away from the task thinking that it is way too difficult and hard for us. Many women especially try out certain workouts for few days, but being impatient leaves them thinking that they are not giving desired results.

Loosing extra weight is a strong mind commitment you do with yourself, and then fulfills it no matter what.
Trust me, if you just alter few basics of your lifestyle and eating patterns, losing those extra pounds will not be tedious job for you. All you need is the persistence and believe that your hard work will pay off. As amateurs, you need to accept that initially your weight loss would be 1-2 ponds weekly, which will gradually increase later. Following let us see top 5 ways through which you can lose your weight easily:

1. Set Realistic goal
Try to set your weight loss target that is measurable, particular, realistic, timely and achievable for you. See how many pound you wish to shed off and set your deadline, so that you get mentally prepared. Like I said earlier, 2 pounds each week is a good start, so let us stay practical about it and keep that as a goal.

2. Decide your caloric intake
An average person consumes about 2,000 calories each day for maintaining his average weight. Now, your job is to reduce that calorie intake. Try to come up with a diet plan that reduces your calorie intake by at least 1200 to 1500 approximately. However, get in touch with your family doctor or any good dietician you know for a better diet advice. They will help you, keeping in mind your body structure, height and weight.

3. Don’t skip meals, reduce them
Putting yourself to starvation is a crime you commit to your body. The whole idea of weight loss is to reduce extra fats through reducing the intake of sugar and fats in your food. Skipping meals results in missing out necessary items from your diet and you may end up in eating disorders and anorexia. Maintain a balance diet; eat vegetables, fruits, white meat, fish, soups, cereals, salads. Keep 300-400 calories must in your daily diet, a leveled sugar level and keep proteins in your diet too.

4. Indulge in physical activity
The best way for weight loss is to go for activities that involve physical activity. It is not necessary that you go to a gym, design your own workout plans that you pursue daily. You can also try activities like cycling, skipping rope, brisk walking, jogging, playing with kids, swimming, or maybe just doing some chores around home like gardening. The idea is that you should sweat, as it will result in burning extra fats from your body and will get your body in good shape.

5. Avoid Impulsive eating
Consider making a complete prior diet plan that includes your breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for your coming one week. And stick to it no matter what. Try to avoid impulsive eating, in terms of fast food, confectionaries and all fried stuff. Remember, once you surrender to your will, it will keep coming back to you. As I told you earlier, weight loss is a change in your lifestyle.

I know initially the whole plan would sound really difficult to handle, but sticking to it is the key to success. Gradually, you will get use to of it and will get the desired results in terms of weight loss. Just write down your plan, place it on your refrigerator and tick off points as you conquer them. This will give you a sense of achievement, and feeling good will help you in losing weight more effectively. I wish all the best for your endeavor!

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