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Lower Body Exercises

The best lower body exercises are the ones that can be done anywhere with little or no equipment. Being single with no kids may allow for wasted time in the gym doing twelve sets per lower body part, but once in the real world of spouse, kids and job, those two hour gym visits are history.

The good news is this should be a welcome change because the old-school bodybuilder, weights and machine type workout routines can do more damage in the long run as compared to a smart, properly structured lower body exercise routine.

Lie on the floor face up.  Place your arms down to each side of your hips. Extend one leg out straight and bend the other leg with your foot flat on the floor.  Raise your body by extended hip of bent leg, keeping extended leg and hip straight.  Return to your original position again, lowering your body with extended leg and hip straight.  Repeat 15 times for one set.  Then continue with the opposite side.

Leg crunches will certainly make your feel the muscles working. Lie flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Left the right leg up to the chest and at the same time bring the left elbow forward to meet the knee. Hold the place for five seconds and then repeat with the left leg and right elbow.

The leg press works the hamstrings and quadricep muscles. Generally, you’ll need a leg press machine to perform this exercise. Experiment with the weight to make sure you are able to press at least five or six times – and to prevent yourself from not being able to press the weight away from your body!

You are engaging your powerful hip flexors. Also, your back is straight and your chest is out. You should be leading with your hips when going up and down-not with your knees. Keep your weight on your heels throughout the movement. Remember this movement when you perform a regular squat.

Lower your body as low as you possibility can. If it is too uncomfortable then do not lower any further. When you have bent as far as you comfortably can pause and straighten the body and then repeat the exercise. Try and do ten of these if you can. Do them slowly and focus on getting the technique right. You can increase the number of reps as you build up your leg strength.

Ab exercises seem to be the logical thing to do to burn stomach fat, but all they do is strengthen your abdominal muscles. They are necessary to get a good hot six pack, however not essential to losing weight.

Sprinting is also said to be a good way to tone the thighs and butt muscles. Lying butt bridges, hip extensions with weights behind the knees while squeezing your glutes, leg presses using abductors and adductors, leg lifts, and one legged dead lifts or cable kick backs are all awesome ways to firm your lower body.

The type of exercise options you will choose depends on you. Make an effort to create strategies for you to keep motivated. Remember that you should always start off slowly and then gradually build up. Results will not come in a day so avoid pushing yourself too hard. What is important is that you choose the right programs for your lower body and to your whole body as well. Just take things one day at a time.

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