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List of Five Most Valuable Promotional Items in Meeting Events

Promotional items will add more professionalism in a conference or a meeting organised by your company. Different companies have different reasons for organising such events; however, the main purpose remains the same for all – the brand promotion. Among all the promotional articles, the conference folders, pens, conference bags, organisers, and sticky notes are the five best promotional items that outshine the others because of their promotional value in events such as seminars, press conference and meetings.


• The conference folders are the best and the most suitable promotional items that can be handed out to the invitees during a high-profile meeting or a conference. The invitees will find them useful at the venue itself. If you pack a pen and a writing pad inside the conference folder, the entire pack will serve as the best gift set. Such a gift item will help to maintain an air of professionalism throughout the meeting. The good quality conference folders such as the leather folders or foam folders that are fitted with a set of utility pockets for keeping the CDs or business cards will act as the best gift for the executive-level clients. You can get the details of these articles at


• Use a set of quality pens such as the Parker Pens, Monza Pen Sets or Sheaffer Prelude Pen Sets to invite the attention of the participants to your brand name. All of these pens will serve as excellent gifts to your invitees at the conference or the meeting. More importantly, they can be imprinted with the brand name without affecting their aesthetic quality.


• The conference bags belong to a bigger and better category of promotional products for your special clients. They can be used as promo gift for your special clients who are invited for a special meeting or a conference. The conference bags are available for a wide range of price, starting from less than 2 pounds.


• The organisers are one of the classic promotional gifts that can be handed over to your clients during a high-profile meeting. The classic personal organisers are still in great demand for the selected few executive clients. The new trend is to give out the electronic organisers that feature a number of features such as calculator, world clock, telephone directory, memo holder and games.


• The smaller but the most effective promotional articles are the sticky notes. They have assumed an important position on every desktop in an office. With their appealing colours, they draw the attention of the passers-by. They offer the entire area for imprinting the brand name.


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