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Simple Methods For Dachshund Training

Dachshunds are adorable hounds. They can grow up into very sociable and well trained pets, if you can follow some simple methods to train them. This wouldnt happen easily as dachshunds are naturally stubborn and you would need to show some patience when you are training them.
The training always starts with house. While your dachshund is still a little puppy, it should know that house is not the right place to relieve itself. This is why they need to be taken out once in an hour or so, especially after drinking, sleeping or playing. This is where patience is the key, as at first you need to stand out with your puppy for some time, until it relieves itself. This has to go on until it becomes a spontaneous habit with the puppy. You have to follow this cycle to ensure that the puppy understands the designated place to relieve itself.
Another method used to train dachshunds is to shower it with praise and treats. Dachshunds are sociable and yet stubborn. Hence you will have to give them lot of food treats every time, they follow your orders. On the other hand, there is no room for leniency. You might be tempted to give in to your hungry dog, but bowing to its stubbornness could only make it worse. On the other hand dont limit yourself when the dog does behave well. You want to show it that you are very pleased with its behaviour.
Another important step in training your dachshund is to make it more sociable. Carrying the dogs favourite treats with you and allowing other family members and friends to offer it treats is a good way of making it more comfortable with others too. Similarly, a good thing would be to take it out for long walks in parks allowing others to gently pat it or give it treats as well. That way your dog becomes better mannered and sociable, which also makes it more acceptable when you take it with you to other places. Similarly, you will have to constantly remind it that it shouldnt be nipping and biting, although that it something that comes naturally to dogs. This needs patience but certainly worth the trouble as the dog grows to be older. It has to understand that things like biting and chewing are not really allowed inside the house or with other people.

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