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Football Training Equipment

Since so many different positions exist on the football field, there is a great deal of football training equipment that a coach will want to invest in before the season begins. At the same time, however, these coaches must find a way to be cost effective, since every position requires a different set of football equipment. By identifying the most important pieces of equipment for each position, a coach can increase his or her chances of maximizing practice time.

The first time of football training equipment to search for includes blocking and tackling dummies. These dummies can be used for both types of drills, as they are simply pads that are in the shape of a player. For blocking drills, the dummies can be attached to a blocking sled and the players will practice driving the dummy backwards. This simulates what you want your player to do when run blocking, as the further you can take the player away from the ball carrier, the better the end result. When using the dummy for tackling purposes, a coach can hold the dummy in place and the player can practice a form tackle. When you have multiple pieces of this football equipment, you can run a drill where the tackler will not know which dummy to tackle until the last second, which helps with decision making as well.

Another important piece of football training equipment is a ladder, which helps with a player’s agility. The player will be forced to run through the ladder in a variety of different ways, which will help the player to keep his or her knees high while running. By working on the player’s footwork with this football equipment, coaches can help ball carriers to become more elusive and defensive players to be able to adjust to elusive ball carriers on the other team.

Having a football holder is a vital piece of football training equipment for a kicker, as it allows the player to practice without having an actual holder present. This allows the player to practice for hours on his or her own and this increase in repetitions will surely lead to improvement. One drill that helps kickers out immensely is to practice kicking to a line on the field. This takes the uprights out of the equation for the time being and will improve the kicker’s overall accuracy.

Quarterback remains the most important position on the field, so having the right football training equipment for this positions is very important. Throwing targets are particularly important because they allow the quarterback to practice his or her accuracy, without having to throw to a receiver. An important drill to use in conjunction with this football equipment is a sprint out pass, as it will improve the quarterback’s mobility and his or her ability to throw on the run. Having the quarterback throw from his or her knees also helps with accuracy and can be used with these targets very easily.

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