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10 Important Workwear Items

Do you need to order workwear for your company? Not sure what to get? Here are 10 items that you might need to include on your list.

1. Corporate clothing – from executive jackets and bags to short- and long-sleeve shirts, this is vital if you want your employees looking smart and professional.

2. Coveralls and boiler suits – Do your employees risk getting dirty or damaging their clothes or skin? If so, coveralls may be ideal.

3. Hard wearing workwear – If your staff carry out many physical tasks as part of their job, you’ll need durable that will last a long time.

4. Polo shirts and T-shirts – If you want to maintain a relaxed, consistent and professional look to your employees, then polos and T-shirts could be perfect.

5. Sweatshirts and hoodies – Some employees may prefer to pop a jumper on from time to time, so if you still want your staff to look consistent, branded sweatshirts or hoodies are an option.

6. Fleeces and Bodywarmers – If your staff spend a lot of time outdoors, they may require clothing to keep them warm, so consider branded outdoor clothing too.

7. Aprons, tabards and chefswear – If your staff work in a kitchen, you’ll need to make sure their clothing is protected by professional kitchen clothing.

8. Gloves and footwear – If your employees have gruelling tasks to complete, keeping their hands and feet safe and warm should be priorities.

9. High visibility clothing – If your team need to be seen for safety reasons, high-visibility trousers, coveralls or vests could all be vital additions to your workwear.

10. Headwear – Whether its hard hats to ensure safety or wooly hats to keep their heads warm outdoors, headwear should not be overlooked.

So whether you need to order corporate clothing, high visibility clothing or any other form of work wear, make sure you’ve got it covered.

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