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Images taken with scanning electron microscopes

Science author Brandon Broll, living in London, has taken a lot of images on insects, household items, human body parts and so on. These photos are captured using a variety of traditional light-based microscopes, powerful scanning electron microscopes and transmission electro microscopes. All of them will be introduced in the book titled “Microcosmos”. Published by Firefly Books later this month, “Microcosmos” takes readers to a wonderful world of extreme close-up pictures. They are enlarged from 22 times to 22 million times. The book consists of six sections including Zoology, The Human Body, Botanics, Minerals, Technology and Micro-organisms.


The tip of a hummingbird’s tongue


A human head louse is clinging to a hair


A clutch of butterfly eggs which has already hatched is on a raspberry plant


A zoom into human sperm


The surface of an Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM) silicon microchip


A wood ant is holding a microchip with its mandible


A corroded surface of a rusty metal nail is magnified 600 times


The head of a mosquito is enlarged 160 times


Eyelash hairs are enlarged 50 times


In the cigarette paper, blue crystals are additives to keep the lit cigarette burning by producing oxygen


Magnified 22million times, the microscopic photo shows household dust including cat fur, woolen fibers, insect remains and so on.



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