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Secret Methods For Silat Training

Thousands of years ago, the Malay’s inherited the art of Silat. It’s method of self defense is very much effective against any attacker. As years goes by, the art has evolved its movements, philosophy and techniques. For you to become a great Silat martial artist you will have to discipline yourself. Most importantly, you will have to follow the rules of this art.

There are seven training concepts that you need to practice and train, so that you can become a very good Silat fighter. These tips will help you evolved into becoming a very effective martial artist. In addition, you will have to sustain these tips and make it as part of your habit. Here are the tips which you will need to follow if you really want to become a great Silat martial artist.

Be punctual
Never be late in your Silat training sessions. This will decide if you are a good student or not. In addition, this will judge regarding on how much have you improved yourself discipline. One way of showing respect to your Silat guro is to always come earlier than him. Moreover, coming early will give you a better chance of warming up yourself before getting involved into the training.

Greet your teacher
Make sure to greet you teacher when he arrives to the session. Invite him to have a minute of rest before the start of the training. In addition, make sure that your Silat mates are all lined up before receiving orders from your guru.

Observe the right moment
Patience is one of the most important attitudes that you needs to develop as a martial artist. During your training, control your necessities. If ever you want to ask something, right for your training to finish. Moreover, after training your guru will ask you if you have any question, so you do not have to become so aggressive in asking questions. The right moment will come.

Break time
You are not allowed to take a break during a training session. Normally your guru will give you 15 minute break after every session. Use the break wisely. During these times you can drink, rest, sit or whatever you wanted to do just to relax yourself.

It is very important to show your interest for a training session. If your guru notices this kind of attitude, he will certainly give his best advices and training to his students. Be energetic especially, when you are given a time to have a sparring session. Show the skills and techniques, that you have learned during your trainings.

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